Celtic Legends

Celtic Legends the Mabinogion Pen y Bont Bala


The Celtic Legends – The Mabinogion is a cycle of Welsh Celtic legends and versions of incidents from the Arthurian canon, this was first written down in the 14th Century and only orally passed down the  for hundreds of years before then. There are many great Storytellers in Wales who recreate their own versions of the tales.

The Celtic legends

The tales are based on historical characters and incidents from the dark ages in Wales, embellished with supernatural and folklore elements. Throughout the tales are echoes of primordial Celtic mythology and folklore, including the ancient Gods and Goddesses of Wales.

The Four Branches of the Mabinogi is the name of a quartet of short stories written in the Welsh language – generally recognised to be one of the oldest and most complete repositories of British Celtic Myth, as well as a masterpiece of medieval story-telling in its own right. It is said there is a missing fifth of which references are made.

The Mabinogion is one of the masterpieces of world literature, and a must-read for anyone who wants to have an understanding of Celtic lore. There are many versions of this both in English and Welsh. The most common one being the translated version by Lady Charlotte Guest.

The backdrop of Gwynedd, Penllyn and the surrounding areas of Bala are steeped with the true Arthurian legends. Interwoven within these tales of the young Welsh King Arthur are the stories of the Mabinogion.

Within the Grove here at Pen y Bont along with good friend and wood sculptor Simon O’Rourke we have recreated a few of the native characters and animals from the immediate area which are found within the magical Celtic legends.

So during your stay at Pen y Bont relax and enjoy the ancestors of “Llyn Tegid” Bala Lake and the sacred “Dyfrdwy” The Sacred River Dee – The Waters of the Goddess.